Monday, March 11, 2013

People and Places

Some wonderful people and places to add to the list to film since the Kickstarter fundraising campaign began.  In Austin, Texas, there is Ms. Amelia Foxtrot, who spins 78s on gramophones "--from 1920s hot jazz to Texas Swing."  Here in Brooklyn is the Enrico Caruso Museum, a charming micro-museum devoted to the opera singer and superstar of the acoustic-era of sound recording, where I’ll also be doing some shooting for the project.  Up in Vermont there is Victrola Repair Service, where I’ve sent machines to get the spring replaced and the reproducer rebuilt and will go visit with camera in hand. Glenn Allen Howard’s American Musical Heritage Foundation is a lovely site with some cool musical offerings.  The Edison Museum in New Jersey will host a recording session on wax cylinder that I plan to be capturing on 16mm film a few months from now.  Down in Delaware is The Johnson Victrola Museum, named for Eldridge Reeves Johnson, who worked with Emile Berliner in founding the Victor Talking Machine Company.  Tom Recchion has recorded a modern-day 78 record, "The Incandescent Gramophone," which you can find at the Los Angeles Free Music Society -- very cool!  And the exploration of mechanical music with a spring-wound 16mm analog film camera will find its analogue in the mechanical marvels at the Steampunk World’s Fair in May!

So excited about the cinematic possibilities and filmic adventures this project will explore.  Here are links so you can do some exploring as well:

Amelia Foxtrot and the Austin Phonograph Company

Enrico Caruso Museum

Victrola Repair Service

Glenn Allen Howard’s American Musical Heritage Foundation

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

The Johnson Victrola Museum

Tom Recchion - "The Incandescent Gramophone" at the Los Angeles Free Music Society

Steampunk World’s Fair

“That’s all”

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