Friday, March 29, 2013

Kickstarter success!

The funds for the production of "78rpm" have been successfully raised on Kickstarter!

A big THANK YOU to all of the backers of this project.  And a thank you to Kickstarter too.  It's a fortunate thing to have this platform for fundraising as an alternative path to private and public grants and fellowships for cinematic artists, or the approach of finding financing through more profit-driven channels.  Sadly, there are too few opportunities for artists to fund their work.  And for those limited opportunities that do exist, the competition involved can be an unhealthy influence on the creative process.

I'm not suggesting that Kickstarter is easy.  But it does provide a very useful path for people who share a creative affinity to support projects which might otherwise have a more difficult path to the acquisition of funding.  And for you as a filmmaker, it is a tremendously encouraging and touching experience when people you respect turn around and support your project.  You can't put a dollar sign on what this means as an affirmation of the creative process.

* * *

Several film shoots will be taking place in April in the NYC area.  And out-of-town shoots beginning in May.  Please stop by this blog again to check out how things are going!

"That's all."

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