Thursday, December 5, 2013

"78rpm" update - shooting is done, now comes editing

An update on "78rpm". . .

Shooting is now complete. Has been quite an adventure making the project so far:

• Twenty-four HD interviews with collectors, historians, experts, and enthusiasts.

• Visits to London and Norwich UK, Los Angeles CA, Austin TX, Rochester and Albany NY, Burlington and St Johnsbury VT, Philadelphia PA, West Orange and Camden NJ, and elsewhere.

• And several thousand feet of images shot on 16mm film, now in the process of being digitized and formatted.

Now comes the task of taking all this material and weaving it into a film. Expect to have a cut in the early part of next year. A lot of work to get there, but looking forward to it. Will keep you informed on progress, as the film makes its way out of the editing room, and begins the phase of getting out into the world.

MANY THANKS to all of the project's supporters and participants!