Monday, April 29, 2013

Dances of Vice

Shot some film at the Dance of Vice Secret Garden Spring Costume Ball, twirling around the dancers with the Bolex.  A very charming event.  A gathering of splendid people full of celebratory and exuberant spirit, with outfits to match.  Something quite uplifting about feeling the energy of a group of people who are all happy to see one another and welcoming to every new person dressed in fanciful, vintage clothes.  A few people asked if the 16mm camera was a real, working camera, or if it was just some vintage camera prop for the occasion (although, if I'd really wanted to bring a vintage camera as a prop, I think my old Bell & Howell D70 would have had a more appropriate look to it).

* * *

A visit to the Thomas Edison National Historical Park the other day, in anticipation of shooting some film there for the project.  A place full of wondrous things to see.  Here's just a small sampling...

"That's all."

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